So Bravely Vegetative

So Bravely Vegetative / Alan Davis Prize Americana for Fiction
Hollywood Books International, Hollywood, CA
ISBN: 978-0-9829558-1-9, $15.00

“He has an original talent, a feel for action, a sparse yet vivid style, a sharp satirical sense, a keen eye and ear for the follies of the age.”
National Book Award winner Walker Percy

“Davis’s voice transports and sings. I kept thinking that I wouldn’t mind winding up as a character in one of his stories. Odds are, he’d do me justice.”
Dorothy Allison, The New York Times Book Review

In these genre-bending pages, you’ll visit New Orleans after Katrina; meet an Asian homemaker displaced to the U.S. who becomes addicted to home-shopping networks and a Slovenian cop obsessed with Robert Mapplethorpe; and experience post-apocalyptic visions as well as personal encounters with Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and John Lennon. What Debra Marquart wrote of Alone with the Owl, his second collection, is also true of this new book: “Although these stories occur in many different parts of the country, they are aesthetically shaped by the landscape of Louisiana, the muddy delta, and the oily bayou—the bottomland to which all things flow.”

“So Bravely Vegetative is a marvelous collection of stories—beautifully written, daringly inventive, frequently disturbing…. The stories here run a rich gamut:  a son trying to understand a violent father, an imprisoned Afro-American convict struggling to survive his captivity, a British hobo making his way by freight train across a surreal American landscape, a man and woman being interrogated in a dark Huxleyian world, a father trying to save his cancer-stricken daughter.  These stories will haunt you.”
Michael C. White, author of Beautiful Assassin

“Alan Davis writes with a poetʼs sense of language, lyricism, and imagination. His prose is exquisitely crafted, and always fresh. The world he brings to life is as varied and unpredictable as life itself– sometimes magical, sometimes mysterious, sometimes chilling, sometimes heartbreakingly innocent. The range … is nothing short of amazing.“
Clint McCown, author of The Weatherman

Additional Praise for Rumors from the Lost World and Alone with the Owl:

“A magical collection of stories, one of the best I’ve encountered in years.”
• National Book Award winner Tim O’Brien

“There is magic in a world that still somehow seems devoid of magic.”
Publishers Weekly

“He moves easily between blue-collar types and Social Register summer people, New Age dancers and Old World immigrants, underground poets and Elvis freaks.” Kirkus Reviews


About Alan Davis

Alan Davis is a writer, editor, and teacher. His third collection of stories, So Bravely Vegetative, won the Prize Americana for Fiction 2010. His other two prize-winning collections are Rumors from the Lost World and Alone with the Owl. He is Senior Editor at New Rivers Press and teaches in the MFA programs at Minnesota State University Moorhead and Fairfield University in Connecticut. The press was founded in 1968 by C. W. "Bill" Truesdale and has published more than 330 titles. In 2001, after Truesdale's death, it was revived and relocated to MSUM, where its dual mission is to publish new and emerging writers and provide learning opportunities for students in partnership with MSUM. The press honors Truesdale's progressive spirit by publishing work with a strong sense of place that speaks to our troubled times with satyagraha (the truthforce), empathy, and aesthetic courage. Davis was born in New Orleans, near the mouth of the Mississippi, into a large Catholic family of Italian, French, and Irish ancestry. He now lives in Minnesota, near the Mississippi's headwaters among Garrison Keillor's Lutherans. Davis has received, among other honors, two Fulbright awards (to Indonesia and Slovenia), a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship, and a Loft-McKnight Award of Distinction in Creative Prose. His work appears in The New York Times Book Review, The Hudson Review, The Sun magazine, and many other print and online journals. For 10 years, he co-edited American Fiction, which in 1998 was chosen by Writer's Digest as one of the top 15 short fiction publications in the United States. He is currently at work on a fourth collection of stories and three novels.
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